Hawaiian Tarot Card Deck & Book Set – Limted Edition!!! – 000-100

Hawaiian Tarot Card Deck & Book Set

HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

Limted Edition!!!

Each book is hand-signed by the artist and numbered 000-100 !





Each units has been blessed by the local Kahuna

on the Big island of Hawai’i.

Units wont be reprinted!

 Please read recent testimony from

Barnes and Nobles

“Saved My Life. Aloha and greetings folks. I say this deck of tarot cards saved my life and I am not stretching the trut on this one. No, it is not as dramatic as curing cancer but I was so excited to get the cards that I opened them up in the car and was going throuh them when I a horrid sound, that of an auto accident, snapped me out of my excitement. The car that left the post office at the same time I would have had just been mashed to an accordian like cube. If it wasn’t for the cards, I would have been as bad as the poor fellow who was squished in his car. So in a way, the power of these little beauties saved my life. I have been in contact with the creator, author and artist of this set and se was very pleased in some way to have helped me. Since then we have had many conversations and I am delighted to say she is a wonderous soul and has self published these. I have the suspicion she has not been motivated by greed in producing these and more so has felt a great sense of honor if they help people with direction or even just bring a small joy to folks. She has made mention that this will probably be her only print run since she is not agressivley marketing these. I ordered two more direct from her site and requested she sign one for me so it would be even more collectable in the future. The other one will be kept sealed. As for my original set, I thought it would be good karma to gift it to someone I didn’t know and hope my luck transferrs to them. Mahalo for your interest in her work since I wish it to be a continued satisfaction for her and others”.
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HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot

“I received the cards today! I took them to the park and sat on a quiet shaded bench….
I too have much healing to do and have been on a quest for the past 2 years to really break through and tarot cards have been a great tool for me to explore the inner depths of my heart and reveal what I can’t say to myself. I got a true feeling of healing and love coming from the cards. I also like the way they fit in my hand and shuffle–perfect! I immediately did 3 quick little readings to 3 little questions and the answers brought a smile to my lips-they were so accurate! The look is subtle and yet strong–quite a combination! I was taken with them right away! I was especially taken with the Queen of Swords–your take is another level of the usual “experienced woman who has seen it all, witty, analytical and who cannot be fooled” because this card came out frequently when I had a crush on someone a few weeks ago and I decided that I prefered to remain single–who needs a man anyway! the Queen of Swords here actually made me stop in my tracks for a moment to absorb the further meaning of this card for me–it was so close to home and revealed another layer to my heart which I had not been willing to get in touch with…..hmmmm…..much food for thought! I am glad you explained some of the paintings in the minor arcana–without these explanations, the cards would not have the same degree of meaning just by looking at them. On the surface, they seem like naive art, but when one understands the intention behind each card as you chose to portray them, the cards actually provide a new level of understanding and thus, assists even more in the reading. Sometimes the simplest things are the most complex. I like a card that is indeed simple because it allows my intuition to take over. I might not agree with all your meanings to the cards you ascribe in the little book, but that’s ok! Another way of looking at things is like going to the gym–we stretch our muscles after they have become so used to the same easy positions and even if it hurts in the beginning oh the benefits in the long run! I have been reading cards for over 25 years, so it’s good for me to think out of the box! Hugs hugs hugs to you–thank you so much for everything–I might order another deck for that friend I was telling you about—the crystal lady–she really loved Hawaii and sometimes she gets depressed, so maybe this deck will make her happy and remind her of the magical place! Many blessings to you”
Jackson Hights, New York
“I just took a look and I think your deck is beautiful 🙂
~ Blessings ~
“I love it!!! The art, the feel EVERYTHING.
MAny Blessings,
– Arizel
“Aloha Katalin! Your deck makes me long to be back in Hawai’i…what an amazing place. Best of luck with the deck, and say hello to the islands for me until I can get back there again!
————————————————————————————————————-“Katalin ! I visited your website and I truly like what you have done with it and I find your tarot cards really amazing. By the way, I have an Uncle who lives on the Kona coast – been there about 10 years. Enjoy your day,”
“Aloha! I have just found your HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot on ebay, and would like to buy 10 decks as a sample order for our shops here in Kobe ,Osaka, Kyoto and also for book stores in Tokyo. If you take wholesale orders from Japan, please let me know the total cost including air parcel postage….. Katalin! I did receive the decks yesterday in good condition. Thank you very much for the speedy shipment. The cards are so beautiful, the package illustrated a photograph of yourself is vey nice too! I think that the deck is satisfactory for tarot lovers and collectors across the globe. It may be that the deck is a good souvenir for the Japanese tourist (girls) there. I will let you know the response from our customers later. Mahalo nui loa! Best regards”,
-Makoto Satake
Yedomachi 100, Chuo-ku, KOBE 650-0033, Japan
TEL:078-322-2244 FAX:078-322-2245Aloha~~
-Makoto Satake-Japan
“Aloha. I live on the Big Island and I just started an online internet business about three months ago. I was at the Pohue Gift Store here in Ocean View on the Big Island and saw your Tarot Cards there and fell in love with them, and was interested in what your wholesale pricing was. Do I have to order a certain amount, or how does it work? I would love to see how these move on my site. Thanks, any information is appreciated. Aloha.”
-Thomas- Big Island of Hawai’i
“I love tarot cards. I have my favorites for sure but this deck is so very unique and special that I had to feature them here”:
————————————————————————————————————-“Congratulations!!! This is so wonderful! I wish you well and much success with your newly created “Hawaiian Tarot”! I went to the site and the cards look beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Your accomplishments are indeed something to be proud of!”
Visionary Artist
“Merry Meet Katalin! The cards are BEAUTIFUL! I would definately like to be able to sell your cards on my site”.
Brightest Blessings,
-Justin S. Shingara
“Hello there! I love your cards! They are very expressionistic, and I can feel your love for Hawai’i in them; they’re wonderful”!
-Jennifer J.
The BroomCloset
“Hello Magyar sister! Katalin! Congratulation on your tarot cards! VERY beautiful! I love Hawaiian culture ! I will think about how to handle the marketing. In the meantime i am inviting you to come and be part of the Goddess festival here in California. Come september. All info is on my website. You could sell them yourself there. We have about 2oo women . The festival is held in the redwoods. I think this will be the 13th biannual fest. So where are you now?
-Blessings from
Zsuzsanna Budapest
Psychic – Wiccan – Author – Dianic Witch
“Hi Katalin, Just wanted to let you know that the listing for HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot is now up on Aeclectic Tarot. Have a look at the page and let me know if anything needs changing – if not, I’ll go ahead and publicise it on the What’s New page.” http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/hazelmoon-hawaiian/
“Hi there Katalina, Your Tarot deck is absolutely lovely and I am sure you are most proud!! I would be honored to carry your deck in my shop. I am a very small shop, but I have a customer base of about 500 and get regular orders on a weekly basis. Nothing like the large companies, and I couldn’t order a stock of inventory, but I could order a deck or two possibly later this week and then order when I get orders. You let me know if that will work for you; but I am amazed at your talent and I hope it brings you much, much success. I am an aromatherapist and herbalist and love all things natural and your deck emits vibes of beauty, nature and peace. Congrats”
-Morika (Laurie Bernhard)
“These cards are beautiful! Thank you”! ♥ ♥ ♥
-Ruthanne Reynolds
Wareham, MA
“I ordered 2 sets and they are beautiful… you did a lovely job Katalin… the energy is amazing!”
-Gloria Connolly,
Defiance, OH
Psychic, Nurse
“Merry Meet Katalin. Your cards are beautifully done. You have done a brilliant job on them.”
Bright Blessings”
Rayetta and Steven
Owners of 3 Ravens
“Wow!~ Just beautiful. I would be honored to carry them.”
“Are you an indigenous Native Hawaiian? If not, I would not carry this deck in the shop. There was a deck of “Hawaiian” tarot some time ago and it sold well enough to tourists who also buy plastic grass skirts, coconut bras, and fake lei for souvenirs but local people were furious that a non-Hawaiian usurped their culture for such a commercial venture. They didn’t consider it “Pono” – correct or appropriate. I took it out of the store out of respect to my Hawaiian customers and the host culture here in the islands.
Good luck anyway, elsewhere”.
Aloha, Cheryl
“Katalin, I love your product and your site”
“I’ll be sure to spread the word.”
Take care,
————————————————————————————————————-“This would be something that I may consider in the future however as it stands at the moment my shop cant afford to buy in out side products. but as soon as it does and I start to stock tarot cards I will get in touch with you for more details and will also keep one set for my own collection and a nice reminder of my Hawaiian holiday last year.”
-Savannahs Meadow
“The cards are gorgeous. Blessings and best of luck.”
“Hello Katalin – my name is Julia and I’m contacting you from Surrey, England, where
I have recently happened by chance across your glorious deck and website!
I holidayed on lovely Oahu in 1996 (following which I bought the Hawaiian Oracle boxed set) and my partner of 12 years who died in 1995 was Hungarian
(born Rakoskeresztur, Budapest outskirts) so I felt a strong pull towards
your deck on two counts”.

Update: Hi Katalin, received your delightful deck today, cannot wait to do my first reading with it!

Kindest wishes,
Counsellor/Stress Therapist/Reiki/Tarot Consultant/Indian Head Massage
Member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
United Kingdom
“I love it!!! The art, the feel EVERYTHING. ”
Many Blessings,
The Witch’s Garden
“It’s beautiful! I had an intense experience with Pele this year, and it feels my work with her is not done.”
“This is a great deck– I’m planning on bringing it to Montreal next week for readings. Thank you, Katalin”!
Judika Illes
~an independent scholar, educator, and author of several books of folklore, folkways, and mythology about the subjects of magic, the occult, divination, diverse spiritual traditions, witchcraft, and the paranormal~.
“I was into the Kabbalah and Tarot cards for many years, some time back;
however, my curiosity and interest turned to other disciplines.
Your cards sparked a renewed interest in this ancient, mystical
hebraic point of view”.
Hazel Kazuko Arii Ho
“Your artwork is sucks & no one wanted to buy it.”
Myles & JoAnne
“Hi Katalin, Congratulations on self-publishing your deck! It looks very interesting, the artwork is stunning! We LOVE featuring new decks, especially self-published! We could interview you and include a review of your deck in the same issue. We would love a review copy of the deck if you could spare one so we could write a review on it. We would most likely then purchase at least one more deck to give away in our monthly contest.

If the above appeals to you, please let me know! We would love to have a review of your deck in an upcoming issue!

Bright blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

Sheri Harshberger
Editor, Tarot Reflections
American Tarot Association

“Your Tarot deck is absolutely georgous! I will tell you of a place in Austin, TX called
Sol Reflections The owner Samantha is awesome! She might be interested in carrying the cards in her shop as she also teaches Tarot. Unfortunately there aren’t any metaphysical shops here where I’m at”.
Many blessings for you.
————————————————————————————————————-“Aloha Katalin! I just made the second purchase for the cards! I feel very happy about it as I do believe my friend will be happy to receive them. If you get a moment and want to see where your tarot is going, you could google “Traprock Suite” store in Scarsdale, NY to get a mini tour of my friend’s store and maybe see a picture of her” 🙂

“awsome very beautiful card set would love to get a set for my wife to start learning shes pure hawaiian and im hapa hauli im really into the old form of new this is kewl blessed be”
“Aloha hazelmoon – Hana hihiu nui. Hana noʻeau… nani. Hailona nui. Your deck is more local kine! It’s unique and has pretty art. Great Work – Divine! Mahalo! (sorry if my Hawaiian is not right, I’m just learning.)”
“Though not the first Polynesian-themed deck to be added to the database (the Tarot de Tahiti tarock deck and the Polynesian-dappled Tarot de Paul Gaugin are predecessors) , HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot is the only one, as of this writing (Sept. 2010) to focus exclusively on the culture and landscapes of Hawaii. The images will certainly evoke strong associations with the Aloha State, whether or not you’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting the islands themselves. From peaceful white beaches to fiery volcanos, creator and artist Katalin E. Csikos invites the viewer to visit her beloved adopted homeland through the lens of tarot”.
-The Tarot Garden

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